The Arkansas Report is a free service provided by the Family Council Action Committee in Little Rock, Arkansas. We selected 24 key bills passed during the 2013 Arkansas Legislative Session and published how each lawmaker voted.

In 2013, Arkansas Lawmakers introduced 2,530 bills, and 1,520 became law. The sheer volume of legislation makes it difficult for most citizens to see how their elected officials voted on key issues. By focusing on 24 key bills, we are helping citizens examine the votes of their elected officials without having to analyze thousands of votes cast. This list of bills is not intended to provide voters with a comprehensive picture of their lawmaker’s performance. Rather, it is designed to be a tool that voters can add to their array of resources they use as they evaluate their elected officials.

We welcome comments or suggestions from citizens and lawmakers alike. Send comments to Jerry Cox at info@FamilyCouncilActionCommitte.com or call (501) 375-7000.